This blog will be about me and what I do.  This is primarily a place for me to post/compile my random thoughts about video game development, movement, human action, human interaction, food, law, anarchy, voluntaryism, and decentralization.  This is also a place for me to showcase any projects on which I might be working.

I hope to update this blog a couple of times a month.  With other blogs, it is obvious people get tired of updating it every week or they run out of things to say, like I have done many times in the past.  However, I’ve never made a blog for me – it has always been for some sort of extrinsic purpose (e.g., teaching, resume supplementation,…).  Hopefully, if I just stay focused on keeping this blog as a way to just simply record my thoughts, then I might stick with it. 

So, if you know me already, enjoy reading more about me and getting to know me better… if you don’t know me, enjoy reading about a random person’s life.



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